Bhanu Athaiya Textiles and NFT October 2021

Auction will be open shortly


Prinseps is delighted to be presenting exquisite heirloom textiles and sketches as part of the Bhanu Athaiya Estate. An artist and a world-renowned oscar-winning costume designer, Bhanu Athaiya’s life ampli enriched the artistic and creative world. The Bhanu Athaiya Estate was consigned to Prinspes over a year back by her daughter Ms. Radhika Gupta. 

The heirloom textile collection of Bhanu Athaiya has been meticulously documented with the help of HH Maharani Radhikaraje Gaekwad of Baroda. Amongst the many feathers in her cap and endeavors to preserve and protect heritage, Radhikaraje is also currently working on the documentation of the Lukshmi Vilas Palace. She, along with the Maharaja Fatesingh Museum Vadodara and inputs by Rashmi and Prashant Tapadia, Pune have helped Prinseps document these priceless works. The auction includes 21 lots of historic textiles.   

Bhanu Athaiya’s lot of sketches highlight her artistic oeuvre as a trendsetter in the world of fashion. Bhanu’s creative journey led her to go on to contribute at Eve’s weekly following which she found her calling as a costume designer. Over the years she contributed to Indian art, fashion, and design, paving the way for many talented designers. In 1982 she won the Oscar for Best Costume Design for Richard Attenborough's Gandhi, making her the first Indian to bring home this honor. Needless to say, her family exposure inspired her creative journey as an artist and later designer. In the Prinseps Auction, we bring to you the really old and the really new. With each well-documented and described ancestral textile piece of Bhanu’s inheritance,  there will be a corresponding NFT. These saree designs and fashion sketches are part of Bhanu Athaiya’s own professional life story. 

It should be noted that cryptopunk NFT’s are essentially studies – colour, hairstyle, accessories, clothing, etc. This is similar to the saree sketches depicting different hairstyles, jewellery pieces, silhouettes, and of course the saree design itself. 

Stay tuned to the Prinseps website to know more about this exciting upcoming collection including these really old sarees and really new saree sketch NFT’s.

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