Agra Jail Carpet

Hand-knotted - Vegetable / Natural dyes
7.3 x 4.0 ft

₹ 4,20,000

Private Collection

This masterpiece comes from behind bars. The most famous jails for carpets were Agra Jail, Lahore Jail, Amritsar Jail, Jaipur Jail, Gwalior Jail, and Bikaner Jail. Many such carpets were woven in the prisons of Agra under the supervision of some of the finest carpet weavers from Persia. An overall dark palette with some sunflower yellows breathes life into this particular piece. Intricate florid elements and swaying patterns dance against the lime green background. While a rich shade of maroon gives the rug an unforgettable finishing touch. It is no surprise that these carpers were designed for royalty. They were elaborately designed for Indian palaces. A lot of these carpets displayed original Indian patterns prior to the arrival of the Mughal reign.  

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