Mercedes-Benz S-450

Attracts so much attention. Now even more attentive in return. What can we give someone who’s already been everywhere? What surprises are left, when every upcoming situation is foreseen in advance? How do you persuade people who are themselves already experts in persuasion? By showing attention. By showing respect. By showing appreciation. In each case to a hitherto unknown level. Enjoy the new S-Class.

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What can we give someone who’s already been everywhere? What surprises are left, when every upcoming situation is foreseen in advance? How do you persuade people who are already experts in persuasion? By showing attention. By showing respect. By showing appreciation. In each case to a hitherto unknown level. Enjoy the new S-Class. Feel Intelligent
For example, you cannot be too careful in the way you manage resources. That the ultimate in refinement is still some way off. That economy and opulence are not mutually exclusive concepts, but ones that complement each other perfectly. As a case in point, the new S-Class makes its debut with a completely redesigned generation of engines. With the most intelligent assistance systems in its class. With sensory stimuli that captivate both body and soul. Always quick to slows things down. There are so many technologies that make our life faster. In the new S-Class, one piece of equipment is premièring that can stop your world for a moment: ambient lighting in 64 colors provides and activation of colors in addition to sounds, lights, scents, and even seat massages. Subtle vitalising or relaxing effects help to keep the driver fit and composed behind the wheel.
Character and prestige are literally written all over the face of the new S-Class. The optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps make a particularly striking impression. A total of 84 LEDs turn-illuminating the road into fine art. An exclusive light design lends the S-Class a distinct appearance in the dark, too. How are you? An important question, as your well-being is a key safety factor. That’s why the new S- Class actively attends to its passengers’ physical and mental well-being. Since 1972, every S-Class has stood for outstanding comfort, but today we are talking about an entirely new quality.
Pointing the way to accident-free and autonomous driving. Mercedes-Benz is the first automotive manufacturer worldwide to have developed an integral safety concept, with the aim of safe driving, responding in an appropriate manner to hazards, avoiding accidents and mitigating the consequences of accidents. For the occupants of a Mercedes, and for all other road users, too. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive forms part of this integral safety concept. It makes your Mercedes one of the most intelligent automobiles in the world – an “intelligent partner”. The Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive assistance systems are able to recognise hazards, provide timely warnings and even intervene autonomously when necessary – by performing braking maneuvers, for example. In this way, accidents can be prevented or the severity of accidents can be significantly reduced. In order to protect passengers as necessary in case of dangers. Mercedes-Benz S-Class first time offers a Driving Assistance Package in India. The key functions of this package include partially automated driving on highways. The Driving Assistance package also lends support when some other vehicle is in the blind spot of your car, for example during overtaking. This relieves the driverʼs workload, as in normal driving they no longer need to brake or accelerate. The driver also receives substantial support with steering – even in bends. Never before have safety, comfort and measures to reduce the strain on the driver been combined so effectively. This intelligent and pioneering interplay of sensors and safety and assistance systems represents a milestone on the road to autonomous and accident-free driving. And a fascinating new experience into the bargain. Please note that the assistance systems referred to are only aids. They are not a substitute for the driver’s awareness of the surroundings. The driver bears ferred to are only aids. They are not a substitute for the driver’s awareness of the surroundings. The driver bears responsibility throughout the entire journey and must intervene when necessary.
Embodied by the petrol engine with 270 kW (367 hp). Thanks to twin-turbocharging and intercooling, the S 450 has huge reserves of power. The engine may give off its typical, unmistakeably sonorous and cultivated sound, but fuel consumption stays unusually low. Interiors. New multifunction steering wheel in Nappa leather The new generation 3-spoke design multifunction steering wheel in Nappa leather stands for the high-class look & feel of the S-Class. The new ergonomic Touch Control buttons allow intuitive control of most functions. Innovative: Integrated cruise control in the left-hand grip area. Burmester® surround sound system with 13 speakers 13 high-performance speakers, a 9-channel DSP amplifier with a total output power of 590 W and amplifier/speaker systems configured specifically for the vehicle make for the first-class Burmester sound. If required, this impressive listening experience can be upgraded even further. The surround function generates a virtual all-round sound for maximum spatial impact. Front/rear optimisation allows the sound to be specifically adjusted for the front or rear seats. Thanks to vehicle noise compensation (VNC), the sound quality is maintained despite driving noises so that the best possible music enjoyment is guaranteed at all times – whether on the motorway or in urban traffic.
Working in combination with a stepless damping control system, this air suspension system ensures superlative road roar and tyre vibration characteristics and driving dynamics. The damping is adjusted on each wheel to the actual driving situation and can be set to be comfortable or sporty, as desired. Thanks to the pneumatic all-round self-levelling suspension, the vehicle maintains a constant level irrespective of the payload To increase ground clearance on poor surfaces or ramps, the suspension can be raised by up to 30 mm at the touch of a button when the engine is running – both when stationary and on the move. From a speed of 100 km/h the suspension level is automatically lowered by 20 mm in “Sport” mode. In “Comfort” mode the suspension level is initially lowered by 10 mm from a speed of 120 km/h, and by another 10 mm from 160 km/h. The lowering action reduces aerodynamic drag and therefore fuel consumption, while improving handling stability thanks to a lower centre of gravity. All aglow with ambient lighting. Ambience lighting in 64 colours – showcases the high-class interior like a work of art Futuristic displays in HD resolution, select materials, generous sense of spaciousness – this unique atmosphere in the S- Class spectacularly showcases the ambience lighting also during journeys at night. For example, the indirect LED light complements the elegant lines of the trim and goes one step further: The light showcases the interior like a work of art by composing different colours to form colour schemes. This creates emotively appealing contrasts and structures the interior in three levels. Eight colour schemes each combine two colours. They are initially orientated towards the display style of the Widescreen Cockpit, either classic, sporty or progressive. The upper part with Widescreen Cockpit and the lower part with footwell are illuminated in the same colour. The centre trim level also offers an exciting contrast. The ambience lighting thus uses the positive influences of light on well-being during the journey. Rear seat comfort. The electrically adjustable rear seats offer tailor-made travel comfort. The backrests of the two outer luxury seats can be reclined to an angle of up to 43.5 degrees. Rear Seat Comfort package features multi-contour seats with inflatable air chambers for even more individual adjustment. The ENERGIZING massage function enhances the sense of wellbeing – if desired also using heat.
With its large glazed areas, this roof system ensures a particularly bright and welcoming ambience in the interior. It consists of a fixed panoramic glass rear section and an electrically operated glass front section sliding on outside rails with a meshed air deflector. In addition, two electric roller sunblinds provide shade for the occupants in strong sunlight. The panoramic sliding sunroof has numerous useful functions for a high level of travelling comfort. In the raised position, the glass roof automatically adjusts in three stages to suit the current vehicle speed. The glass roof is lowered at high speeds. The noise level and air circulation in the interior are reduced. Conversely, it raises itself again at low speeds. The panoramic sliding sunroof also responds automatically to rain: If it is open, it automatically moves to the raised position to prevent rain from entering the interior. When the vehicle is parked, the panoramic sliding sunroof can also be opened and closed from outside. The “summer opening” and “convenience closing” functions of the electronic ignition key can be activated by holding down the respective buttons. To prevent e.g. a hand from being trapped, the panoramic sliding sunroof has an obstruction sensor. 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission The 9-speed automatic changes gears more quickly but nearly imperceptible, with a greater range of ratios and shorter steps between gears. The lighter, more versatile transmission enhances quiet riding comfort and fuel-efficiency, ensuring a more seamless delivery of power. The driver can use the electronic selector and shift paddles, having full control of all gear changes with his hands on the steering wheel, while varying the shift modes via the innovative DYNAMIC SELECT system.
Engine - 2996cc, 6 Cylinders In V Shape, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC.
Fuel Type - Petrol.
Max Power (bhp@rpm) - 362 bhp @ 5250 rpm.
Max Torque (Nm@rpm) - 500 Nm @ 1800 rpm.
Drivetrain - RWD.
Transmission - Automatic - 9 Gears, Dual Clutch, Paddle Shift.
Turbocharger / Supercharger - Turbocharged, Variable Geometry.
Emission Standard - BS 4.
Acceleration 0-100 km/h - 5.1 secs
Top speed - 250 km/h
Color - Black / Silk beige / Espresso brown / Designo brown / Open-pore ash wood.

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