Somnath Hore

2.0 x 2.0 x 2.0 in.

There were just a handful of Rabindranath Tagore portraits made in Bronze by the artist - rare !

Originally acquired from the artist's family

Born in 1921 in Bengal, Somnath Hore’s had an interest in humanist themes. He graduated from Government Art College, Calcutta and had the chance to study under Haren Das. His paintings and prints often resonated with his feelings of anger and pain. As he was also a member of the Communist Party, his socialist ideologies often influenced his artwork. 

In 1974, Somnath Hore played with lumps of wax in the company of the sculpture students at Kala Bhavan when he realised that he can make figures with ‘wounds’ as well. He started making sculptures, twisting and turning wax sheets, cutting them with hot blades, making marks which resonated with the impression of his Wounds. Professor R. Siva Kumar explains in Somnath Hore: A Reclusive Socialist and a Modernist, “what appears to be abstraction is both a de-particularization of suffering to give it a broader humanist perspective and materialist use of medium to make suffering viscerally palpable; a new liaison between theme and process, between image and its making.”


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