Ganesh Pyne
TEETH (2003)

Tempera on canvas
Signed and dated lower right
33.0 x 29.0 in.

Teeth reflects a personal mythology or symbolism steeped in existentialism.

Born in Kolkata in 1937, Ganesh Pyne blended romanticism, fantasy and light in his dark works. Inspired by the communal riots in Calcutta, his works dabble with violence, death and time. He comments on man’s condition by referring to social history in Bengal. Pyne’s works before his marriage seemed to be much darker in character. Afterwards, his subject brightened up marginally and his obsession with death seemed to reduce.

The brooding dreamscapes populated with skeletal figures and groundless floating bodies portray beauty, decay and impermanence. He started using tempera as his preferred medium and often mixed local pigments and binding agents helped to develop a texture on his canvases. 


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