Trilogy Bar Table Walnut

The De Riguer Bar Set features 3 unique Decanters and a Tray with veneer finish and chromium accents which gives it a sophisticated edge. The Wine, Whiskey and Liquor Decanters ensure that the rich color of its contents are highlighted beautifully; serving as a feast for the eye as well as the palette. Everything tastes better when poured from these decanters with deep etchings that refract light and makes them alluring. In a contemporary silhouette, this set is ideal for dinner parties or celebrating special occasions with your favorite tipple.

Incl. tax - ₹ 50,000

Material: Glass
Capacity: Holds 750ml / 25 oz, 1 entire bottle of whiskey (include height and weight)
Dimensions - 19 x 6 x 7 cm.
Weight - 70 kg
Color - Walnut 

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