Abanindranath Tagore
UNTITLED (Ducks) (Circa 1940)

Watercolour on postcard
Signed "Abanindranath"
3.0 x 5.0 in.

This work shows a pair of ducks which are a symbol of fidelity, affection and happy marriage in chinese superstition. Abanindranath also had several signatures throughout his career; in this particular work he has used a multilingual signature at the bottom of the work with a bengali A, English B, and a Farsi N - spelling out Aban.

Estate of Pulin Behari Sen


Born in 1871 in Bengal, Abanindranath was the nephew of Rabindranath Tagore and brother of Gagenendranath Tagore. He studied at Sanskrit College in Calcutta which was founded under the recommendation of James Prinsep. Abanindranath was known for developing modern art in Indian painting. As an important figure in the Bengal school of art, he brought a revival in Indian art where he brought back mughal miniature and rajput styles in response to traditional western academic standards. He founded the Indian Society of Oriental Art and often incorporated elements of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy in his own works.

Japanese artist Okakura visited Kala Bhavan and Calcutta where he studied Indian themes. Abanindranath had the opportunity to understand art practices from China and Japan from him. He was extremely influenced by Japanese works which made him adopt certain characteristics. Traits of Japanese paintings like transparency and liquid quality of water colour were seen in Tagore’s works. 

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