Manjit Bawa
Untitled (Portrait of Man)

Pen and ink on card
Signed bottom center
8.0 x 11.0 in

₹ 1,45,000

Private Collection
Manjit Bawa was born in Dhuri, Punjab in 1941. He attended the College of Art, New Delhi in 1958 where he studied under Abani Sen, who was very influential on the artist's distinct style, and encouraged him to embrace figurativism during a time when abstraction was dominant. Bawa moved to the UK in 1964, where he continued his practices, and worked as a silkscreen painter. When he returned to India in 1971, he drew inspiration from Indian mythology and Sufi philosophy. Sticking to his palette of traditional Indian colors, such as red, pink, and violet, Bawa created unique and vibrantly colored paintings, as well as sketches and drawings.
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