Wavemaker Wine Decanter

Great wines incite emotion. They stop you in your tracks. Send chills down your spine. Great wines appeal not only to the intellect; they have the rare power to make us feel. Treat your fine wine right with the Equilibrium Wine Decanter. An éclat of sparkle and refinement, the real McCoy in this ensemble is the aerator. This simple accessory helps you pour the wine in accurately infusing the right amount of oxygen into it. The bottom of the decanter fits snug into the exquisite base which features unparalleled precision in design and style.

Incl. tax - ₹ 15,000

Dimensions - 19 x 19 x 29 cms.
Weight - 1.05 kg
Capacity: Holds 750ml / 25 oz, 1 entire bottle of wine.
Its polished silhouette is worthy of display and use for any festive soirée.

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