The Design Philosophy of Prinseps

The design elements chosen for Prinseps relies heavily on the genesis of its name. The design is therefore heavily inspired by the history surrounding the name, by antiquities, and by the Brahmi script.


James Prinsep helped to decipher the brahmi writing found carved in stones across India and in Sri Lanka, and was instrumental in identifying the Ashokan edicts. It is only natural that we rely on Brahmi as a source of inspiration. 'Prinseps' written in Brahmi would look thus:

brahmi prinseps

Prinseps Logo

With the two brahmi 'P's , one inverted, creating a symbol of trust and mutual guidance. And similarly for the footer

brahmi footer


The colour schemes for Prinseps were heavily inspired by colours seen in antiquities ! The archeological, historical component adds a strong personality to the brand and can be used as a theme within the Prinseps Identity e.g. the Ashoka Pillar

sandstone antiquity

Various colours have been extracted from it and will be used as secondary colours throughout the brand.

colour pallette

colours pallette 2

And lastly , any brand with a strong identity will always feature graphic elements within the digital and print material. These have been implemented at the designers discretion.

graphic elements 1

graphic elements 2