Francis Newton Souza

Francis Newton Souza On His Paintings

Most of my paintings are very esoteric in their concept and the technique, and I would say that only artists, other artists, can distinguish the various nuances that I achieve. And the general collector and public are not really aware of it. The eyes must be really wide open to be able to see the extremely complicated way my paintings are constructed, and the application of paint is absolutely straight , I don’t make any alterations, nothing. It is step by step, the whole thing. I begin it and end it without making a single change or any error.1

Francis Newton Souza On His Philosophy

You will appreciate that whether I speak in English or any language, I speak a new language ; a new sense of meaning to life, to the Universe! My poetry makes clear sense in whatever translation because I do not depend on gimmickry buzz words or idioms - my language depends entirely on the sense (logic) it makes in order to render to life and the universe - which is Nature or Prakriti, same thing - a brand new meaning. The pure sense I make cannot be compared to any of the previous knowledge produced by the human mind. Mine is a new mind - no doubt about it. It, for the first time, proclaims through revelation ( Sruti ) that Nature ( Prakriti ) is the Creator of God and the Procreator of Man - that Nature is the Sole Principle and that Principle in Life which measures from infinity to infinity whose structure is in the form of a hierarchy with ugliness at the bottom and Beauty at the top. There is no thinker in the world, past or present, who is clearer than me. It is because there are no contradictions in my thinking. My thought is a product of Nature. There is no egotism in me at all because I am absolutely aware that my ego is completely dissolved in Nature.2

Lot #40
Untitled (Man In Tunic)
Gouache and pencil on paper laid on board
21 x 14 in.
INR 15,00,000 - 20,00,000
Acquired from Adler Fielding Galleries Johannesburg, 1964
Thence by descent
Christies June 2015 - Lot 8
Private Collection, Delhi
Souza had a one-man exhibition at Adler Fielding Galleries, Johannesburg in 196?. This was organised by Eric Estorick, a famed art collector, dealer, and author from London

Souza Head 1954

Specific to the mid-fifties and F.N. Souza is the set of drawings - "SIX GENTLEMEN OF OUR TIMES"3

Microsoft Word - Souza_Six Gentleman of Our Times.doc

Lot #41
Untitled (Mithuna-Couple / Lovers)
Oil On Canvas
59 1/4 x 47 5/8 in.
INR 30,00,000 - 50,00,000
Estate of F.N. Souza
Christie’s September 2014 Lot 566
Private Collection, Delhi
The work is inspired by a sculpture from a Temple at Puri, Orissa 12th Century. The image from Philip Rawson’s - Art of Tantra pg 124 (1973) was first traced on a transparency and then projected to create this work.

francis newton souza tantra image

francis newton souza trasparency 2

francis newton souza lovers

It is interesting to track the evolution of the "Lovers" or "Couple in Embrace" by F.N.Souza across the decades.

souza lovers 1949


souza lovers 55


Souza Lovers 64


souza lovers 1973

1. Souza’s transcript, East-West Encounter, Mumbai 1985
2. Letter To Vinod Bhardwaj - January 87
3. FN Souza - Words and Lines - 1959
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