Lot#3 || Jamini Roy (1887 - 1972)
ALPANA (c 1930)

Tempera on cloth pasted on board
38.00 x 32.00 in

Estimate   15,00,000 - ₹ 20,00,000

Originally from Dhoomimal Art Gallery
Jamini Roy was one of the most iconic figures of modern Indian art in the mid-20th century. His artistic originality and magnificence were deeply rooted in Bengali folk art. Roy’s creative oeuvre and new folk style drew heavily on the idioms of a range of local art forms standing out as a singular example of Indian primitivism. This is one of Roy’s notable works titled Alpana, a distinctive Bengali form of expression. It is a floral motif traditionally regarded as a sacred painting in Bengal executed on special occasions. However, Roy deviated from the customary practice of creating Alpana on the floor using rice paint with his innovative approach of employing tempera on cloth. Rejecting the conventional Western style, Roy embraced abstraction and employed folk-inspired lines and vibrant colours giving birth to his unique artistic style. This particular Alpana represents a distinctive interpretation of the Bengali landscape. NON - EXPORTABLE
Jamini Roy New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery 2016 p. 34 (illustrated)
Carved Contours New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery 29 January - 10 March 2016 Jamini Roy Exhibition New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery 5 - 28 April 2016
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