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Lalitha Lajmi Focus

Lalitha Lajmi Prints and Multiples auction 2022
Lalitha Lajmi Prints and Multiples -Auction Catalogue
YouTube Video Lalitha Lajmi Prints Auction 2022
Lalitha Lajmi’s Rare Abstracts (1974-1976)
Lalitha Lajmi's Notes On Guru Dutt and Her Childhood
An Interview With Lalitha Lajmi
Lalitha Lajmi talking about her Abstract works from 1974-76
The story behind Lalitha Lajmi's rare abstracts

Upcoming Auctions

Modern Art Auction 2022
Engravings from Hindoostan - 2022

Past Auctions

Somnath Hore Centenary Auction April 2022
Nationalism Book Auction - January 2022
Gobardhan Ash Avatars - First Ever NFT Auction in India
Modern Art Auction
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Zoom Webinars

Prinseps x Coinswitch

A panel discussion with Prinseps at a recent event hosted by Coinswitch

Prinseps - Understanding NFT's

An in-depth understanding of NFT's and various global and Indian Art movements

The First Ever NFT Auction in India- January 8th, 2022 at 7pm IST

In conversation with expert panelists; Ranjit Hoskote, Kent Charugundla and Suril Desai

Discovering Layers, Bhanu Athaiya - Panel Discussion

The personal and creative life of the legendary artist and designer Bhanu Athaiya

In conversation with Partha Mitter

A timeline: Art history leading to Atul Bose's formative years
Delving into the art of Atul Bose

In conversation with Ranjit Hoskote

Bhanu Athaiya and Modernism in India
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