An avant-garde auction house that celebrates artisanal luxury. We guarantee authenticity and exquisite curation. We have a seven-day return policy in case any work sold is not as described. This return policy is a window into our rigorous processes and checks. Our curation process is extremely particular.
"Princeps is a Latin word meaning 'first in time or order; the first, foremost, chief, the most eminent, distinguished, or noble; the first man, first-person'. As a title, 'princeps' originated in the Roman Republic wherein the leading member of the Senate was designated Princeps Senatus.For further details
The design elements chosen for Prinseps relies heavily on the genesis of its name. The design is heavily inspired by the history surrounding the name, by antiquities, and by the ancient Brahmi script (Prinseps written out in Brahmi below).For further details
Telephone : +91 - 98200 22709
Auction Sales & Curation,
Gallery Sales & General Enquiries,
Accounting Dept,
We are always looking to hire team players who are ambitious and driven; particularly people with a passion for education and learning. Please email your resume to
Prinseps Auctions Pvt. Ltd.
Birla Centurion, 3rd Floor,
PB Marg, Worli, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400030

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