Sell with Prinseps

Sell with Prinseps

If you are wondering about the value of an artwork or artefact in your possession and how to sell it, do not hesitate to consult our specialists. Submit your items to to initiate the reviewing process. And if the said object (s) is/are eligible to be included in either of our sales channels, we shall get in touch with you.

Follow the steps below to begin the submission and selling process:
- Photograph the items: Take clear pictures, front and back images of the item.
- Do give a description: Provide adequate information of the item, be it the dimensions or provenance or any kind of documentation that guarantees authenticity.
- Submit for reviewing: E-mail the above-mentioned information to

Determining an estimate:
Our specialists gauge the value/worth of any item by measuring it against certain standards in categories such as:

- Artist or creator
- Its origin
- Provenance
- Rarity
- Documentation
- Age
- Historical significance
- Condition
- Dimensions

We will then set a selling price (for listing in the BUY NOW section) or low and high estimates (for listing in AUCTIONS) for the item.

Any questions?