Using AI to Name the Characters

We have attempted to use ChatGPT to help us name the characters. Currently, the names are simply numbers; however, each of these images has well-documented traits and we can use these to ask an AI engine for a name that suits the personality.



Each generated image is made of a few layers placed on top of each other to produce the final generated image. Each of these layers comes from an original character (avatar) and the name of the character is the name used in the trait. Some characters were sideways facing and some front facing.



These corresponding digital artworks were then used to create the 10,000 profile picture-generated artworks. As we can see in 5990 (refer to the traits or the metadata), the head_and_neck layer has a very pointed chin (‘Irani’), the background of the image comes from the avatar ‘Hypocrite’, the facial features come from ‘An Impression’ which is a play on Impressionism, the bust or the clothing is from the avatar ‘Comrade’ and the necklace comes from an avatar ‘After Raid (emoting a sense of fear)’. We can use both the name of the Avatar and/or the characteristic of the layer to query ChatGPT.


Question:  Can you name a male or female character with a pointed chin in a hypocritical setting whose facial features look like an impressionistic painting and who dresses like in a commune wearing heavy neck jewellery and long gold earrings?

Answer: Certainly! Here's a character description that fits your criteria:

Character Name: Harper Sterling

Description: Harper Sterling is a captivating character with a pointed chin, adding a touch of angularity to their face, regardless of whether they are male or female. Their facial features possess a unique quality reminiscent of an impressionistic painting, with soft, blended contours that give them an ethereal and enigmatic appearance.

Harper wholeheartedly embraces the fashion of a commune, dressing in a style that reflects their non-conformist beliefs and desires for freedom of expression. They favor loose-fitting, flowing garments made from natural fabrics, often opting for a mix of vibrant colors and patterns that embody their artistic spirit and connection to nature. Harper's clothing choices exude an effortless bohemian charm as if each piece has been carefully selected to showcase their individuality.

To add a touch of extravagance and personal flair to their attire, Harper adorns their neck with heavy jewelry that becomes a statement piece. They wear multiple necklaces, each featuring bold and intricate designs, with pendants and beads that dangle and catch the light. The weight and craftsmanship of the jewelry serve as a visual reminder of Harper's desire to challenge societal norms and embrace their unique identity.

Harper's long gold earrings dangle gracefully from their ears, adding an elegant touch to their overall look. These earrings are meticulously designed, featuring intricate patterns and delicate details that reflect Harper's appreciation for artistry and craftsmanship. With every movement, the earrings sway, drawing attention and enhancing their enigmatic presence.

Within the hypocritical setting, Harper navigates the complexities with a blend of wisdom and authenticity. They challenge societal expectations while maintaining their true self, using their captivating appearance and individualistic style to both confront and expose hypocrisy. Harper's pointed chin, impressionistic facial features, commune-inspired attire, and heavy neck jewelry with long gold earrings all contribute to their captivating presence in this setting.

Harper Sterling is a character who defies conventions, embracing their unique identity and challenging the prevailing hypocrisy in their environment. Their appearance, fashion choices, and choice of jewelry all serve as expressions of their individuality and the depth of their character.



Roy Bahadur refers to a landowner or a person of status.


Question: Can you name a personality of a figure whose head and neck look regal and of some stature but shares the facial features of a hypocrite and has an environment full of comrades and who wears colourful clothing with a receding hairline?

Answer: Certainly! Here's a character description that fits your criteria:

Character Name: Bartholomew "Barty" Warrington

Description: Bartholomew "Barty" Warrington is a personality of a figure who exudes an air of regality and stature through his head and neck, commanding attention wherever he goes. He possesses a proud and upright posture, with a neck that seems elongated and regal, emphasizing his sense of authority.

Despite his regal appearance, Barty's facial features reveal a touch of hypocrisy. His facial expressions often carry a subtle smirk or a sly grin, hinting at a cunning and deceptive nature. His eyes, framed by thin, arched eyebrows, possess a piercing quality that can be unnerving to those who meet his gaze. Barty's receding hairline adds an air of maturity to his overall appearance, suggesting that he has experienced life's complexities and learned to navigate them with finesse.

Barty thrives in an environment filled with friends and comrades, adept at cultivating relationships and leveraging them to his advantage. He surrounds himself with a network of individuals who are loyal to him, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie that masks his true intentions.

When it comes to clothing, Barty prefers to wear colorful garments that reflect his vibrant personality and ability to charm those around him. His wardrobe consists of richly hued attire, ranging from tailored suits in bold shades to flamboyant shirts and patterned waistcoats. Barty's clothing choices are carefully curated to project an image of confidence, attracting attention and reinforcing his stature within his social circle.

In addition to his fashionable attire, Barty embellishes his outfits with accessories that further elevate his presence. He dons vibrant silk scarves tied in intricate knots, adorned with ornate brooches or gemstone clasps. Barty's jewelry choices are bold and eye-catching, featuring statement rings set with colorful gemstones and elegant pendants hanging from intricate chains.

Barty's complex personality combines the regal appearance of his head and neck, the hypocritical facial features, and the vibrant clothing choices within a social circle of friends and comrades. His ability to navigate the intricacies of relationships while hiding his true intentions makes him an intriguing and influential figure in his environment.



Question:  Can you name a personality or figure who is wise with chiseled facial features, lives in a hilly environment, and whose hairstyle has a lot of braids and beads, donning colourful and impressionistic clothing and wears a necklace with beads and a feather?

Answer: Certainly! Here's a character description that fits your criteria:

Character Name: Aiyana Thundercloud

Description: Aiyana Thundercloud is a wise and experienced personality or figure who has spent her life in a hilly and serene environment, surrounded by nature's beauty. Her facial features are chiseled, reflecting the wisdom and strength she has gained over the years. Aiyana's eyes radiate a deep sense of understanding and insight, captivating those who meet her gaze.

Aiyana embraces a unique and culturally rich hairstyle that consists of numerous braids adorned with colorful beads. Each braid tells a story, representing her experiences, heritage, and connection to her roots. The beads clink softly as she moves, adding a musical quality to her presence.

In line with her connection to nature and her expressive personality, Aiyana's clothing style is both vibrant and impressionistic. She dresses in flowing garments that resemble brushstrokes on a canvas, blending various colors and patterns to create a visually captivating ensemble. Her clothing often features intricate embroidery, reflecting her love for craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Aiyana's favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace that holds great significance to her. It features a combination of colorful beads, each representing a unique aspect of her journey. Dangling from the necklace is a single feather, symbolizing her connection to the spiritual realm and her appreciation for the freedom that nature provides.

With her wisdom, chiseled facial features, braided and beaded hairstyle, colorful and impressionistic clothing, and the meaningful necklace adorning her neck, Aiyana Thundercloud embodies a figure who exudes both grace and strength. She serves as a beacon of wisdom and guidance, drawing from her experiences in the hilly environment and connecting deeply with her surroundings.

To summarise

The first is now named => Harper Sterling

Second Image => Bartholomew "Barty" Warrington

Third Image => Aiyana Thundercloud

Any questions?