Director's Note - PRINSEPS

Our Policies

We guarantee authenticity! We have a seven-day return policy in case any work sold is not as described. This return policy is a window into our rigorous processes and checks. Compare us to others and all the fine print and exclusions at the largest of the auction houses and the most prestigious of galleries and luxury vendors – we have NONE! There is no fine print, and there are no exclusions. If we sell a product that is not as described – you return it to us within seven days – Simple!

Our Ethos

We think of ourselves as a research institution - a campus. Selling is secondary; research is primary. We chase minutiae. We select the products listed in our gallery or auctions. Unlike other marketplaces, vendors are NOT allowed to list directly. Our curation process is exceptionally particular and full of checks. ‘Trust But Verify’ are the very words we live by in our curation process.

Our Environment

We are an avant-garde auction house that celebrates discerning luxury. Unlike others that list from washing machines to toothbrushes, and then have a sudden luxury offering – ruining the shopping experience both for the consumer and ruining the luxury brand. We know that shopping for bespoke and designer items should be an experience in itself. We endeavor to provide that experience with an exciting mix of offerings.

Our Sales

Sales at Prinseps happens with a combination of gallery sales (Add to Cart and Checkout), Auctions (A Bidding Process), and by Private Treaty. And for transparency, all sales are documented online in perpetuity for reference and research.

Director & Team Prinseps


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