'1948 - The First Avatars' - Discussing The Ordinals Release

This endeavor strives to be a landmark Artificial Intelligence generated Profile Picture project strongly rooted in modernism. This is not a doodle project. Each artwork is legitimate modern art. We have Deep Learned Gobardhan Ash's Avatar series. These are works created by the Artificial Intelligence engine. Each image of 48x48 pixels have been inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. The inscribed image itself is distinct and precise. In line with the ethos of Ordinals they do not need an off-chain image for clarity. The images have also been compressed to less than 1 kb allowing for minimal transaction costs.

The primary objective of this project was to create new modernist generative portraits using AI in the style of the artist (named Gobardhan Ash) who had made 'Avatar' like works in the late 40's and decades ahead of the Avatar NFT craze. We believe that digital art's purpose is to showcase serious modernist works. Inspired by a project dating back to 1948, we embarked on this venture with great enthusiasm and are thrilled with the outcomes.  These artworks will be launched as Ordinals (Inscriptions on a Satoshi).

Modernism - Basquiat

Modernism - Jean-Michel Basquiat

The digital art world (including ordinals) centers around the concept of rarity. Rarity is determined by the count of features (or traits), where the highest or lowest count becomes the most sought-after and subsequently attracts higher bids. We have noticed that a simplistic rarity calculation fails to incorporate crucial creative elements such as aesthetics, modernism (artworks extending the language of modernism) composition, and historical significance. We believe that true value lies not only in a scarce combination of features but also in the inherent beauty, artistic harmony, and cultural relevance of the piece. By considering these factors, we aim to create a deeper appreciation for digital art that go beyond mere statistical rarity and instead celebrate the artistic essence that makes each work truly exceptional. What we like about the oridinal space when it comes to minting is that we are able to chose the image that you like instead of being given an image in the sequence. Plus there is a problem in counting and identifying traits - these images are generated from a neural network , every image , every "trait" is slightly or more different. The AI engine has introduced a certain amount of warmth and fuzziness that makes the art works very rich in execution.

Of the ten thousand Oridinals being launched, Prinseps will ultimately keep 2000 in stock (for institutions, marketing, and employees) but we will acquire these post-sale of the other 8000 to ensure that we don't front-run collectors. On Ethereum based NFT's a hash code is generated to ensure the order of the images is not changed as images are minted in sequence and some may get more lucky that others in obtaining "rare" works. In this case all artworks are visible and need not be purchased in sequence. These are modernist art works - admire them and see what appeals to your aesthetics. 

The initial release price will be 0.00199 BTC per artwork. We also encourage buyers to contact us for physically printed work (for additional cost) or for the hi-res digital version – we have experimented with high-quality prints on canvases and on metallic sheets and the outcome is super. Who says that digital artwork cannot be hung up on walls? There are many other avenues for printing and framing – any digital art exhibition will always have a few exhibitors offering to do the same.

We have created a modern art project. We are proud of the result. We hope you will like the aesthetics, the complexity, and the modernism


Any questions?