Chatting with GPT4.0

In trying to ascertain the quality of the images produced, we decided to chat with GPT-4.0. Please note that the artworks (The First Avatars) were painstakingly created after training a StyleGan model with portraits and various augmentations.

It took us somewhere around six months to achieve the success we had in training the model from the ground up including finding newer ways to augment and add intelligence to the training. Other than some open-source tools no external tool was used in this training process.

This post uses GPT-4.0 for a comparison study! The results are below and are indeed quite interesting. We recommend others to make a similar analysis with their avatars. We asked questions on quality, how to rank artworks, how to analyze the composition, visual appeal, on originality, and to compare.  Please do your own analysis!  


Questions and Responses from GPT-4.0:

Qs. Can you compare the three images above for quality?

Here is a comparison of the three uploaded images for quality:

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club:
Art Style: The image features a cartoon-style ape with detailed accessories such as a captain's hat and 3D glasses.
Quality: The artwork is crisp with clean lines and vibrant colors. The character design is intricate, showing high-quality digital artistry typical of Bored Ape NFTs.

2. CryptoPunks:
Art Style: This image is a pixelated character with a simple and blocky design, characteristic of the CryptoPunks collection.
Quality: Although the image is pixelated, it is intentional and part of the style. The clarity is good within the pixel art constraints, showcasing the unique minimalistic and retro aesthetic of CryptoPunks.

3. The First Avatars:
Art Style: This image is a more abstract and painterly depiction, with a focus on texture and color blending.
Quality: The quality is high with a distinct artistic style that incorporates various colors and textures. The abstract nature of the art makes it unique and different from the more defined styles of the other two.

In summary, each image has a distinct style and quality that reflect their respective projects:
- The Bored Ape Yacht Club image stands out for its detailed and polished cartoon art.
- The CryptoPunks image is notable for its iconic pixel art style.
- The First Avatars image offers a unique abstract and painterly approach.

These differences highlight the diversity in the NFT art world, with each project bringing its own artistic flavor and quality.

Qs. Can you rank them as artworks using some measures?

Technical Skill and Detail:

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club: High technical skill with detailed line work, shading, and use of color.
  2. The First Avatars: High skill in texture and color blending, showing a strong understanding of abstract art techniques.
  3. CryptoPunks: Minimalistic and intentionally simplistic, focusing more on the iconic pixel art style rather than detailed craftsmanship.

Originality and Creativity:

  1. The First Avatars: Highly creative and abstract, demonstrating a unique artistic vision.
  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club: Creative use of anthropomorphism and accessories, creating unique and varied characters.
  3. CryptoPunks: Original in its pioneering use of pixel art for digital avatars, but less varied in terms of individual character detail.

Cultural Impact and Significance:

  1. CryptoPunks: Significant impact as one of the first major NFT projects, influencing the digital art and NFT landscape.
  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club: High cultural impact, becoming a symbol of NFT culture and attracting a large community.
  3. The First Avatars: Newer and less culturally impactful compared to the other two, but still significant within its niche.

Aesthetic Appeal:

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club: High aesthetic appeal with vibrant colors and engaging character designs.
  2. The First Avatars: Appealing to those who appreciate abstract and painterly art.
  3. CryptoPunks: Nostalgic appeal for fans of retro and pixel art, but might be less appealing to those who prefer more detailed and modern aesthetics.

Concept and Theme:

  1. The First Avatars: Deep and abstract themes that can be interpreted in various ways, appealing to fine art enthusiasts.
  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club: Strong thematic elements of anthropomorphism and pop culture references.
  3. CryptoPunks: Simple yet iconic concept of punk characters, foundational to the NFT space.

Overall Ranking (Considering the Above Measures):

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club: High technical skill, creativity, and cultural impact make it the top choice.
  2. CryptoPunks: Strong cultural significance and originality, though less detailed and varied in artistic execution.
  3. The First Avatars: High artistic quality and originality, but less culturally impactful and recognizable.

This ranking reflects a balance of technical quality, creativity, cultural significance, and aesthetic appeal. Each project excels in different areas, making them valuable in their own right.

Qs. Is there any means to analyze the composition numerically?

Yes, analyzing the composition of images numerically can be done using various methods. Here are a few approaches we can take:

  1. Color Analysis: We can analyze the color composition of each image, including the dominant colors, color diversity, and distribution.
  2. Texture Analysis: We can examine the texture patterns using techniques like edge detection or texture filters.
  3. Image Complexity: We can measure the complexity of the image using metrics such as entropy, which indicates the amount of information or detail in the image.
  4. Symmetry and Balance: We can analyze the symmetry and balance of the image composition.

Would you like to proceed with any specific method, or a combination of these methods? If so, please upload the images again so I can perform the analysis.

Bored Ape vs CryptoPunks vs The First Avatars

I have analyzed the three images based on their entropy (a measure of complexity) and the number of unique colors. Here are the results:

  1. CryptoPunks
    • Entropy: 2.069
    • Unique Colors: 1348
  2. The First Avatars
    • Entropy: 7.041
    • Unique Colors: 86,387
  3. Bored Ape Yacht Club
    • Entropy: 4.174
    • Unique Colors: 35,113


  • Entropy: Higher entropy indicates more complexity and detail in the image. "The First Avatars" has the highest entropy, suggesting it is the most complex and detailed. "CryptoPunks" has the lowest entropy, reflecting its minimalist pixel art style.
  • Unique Colors: The number of unique colors indicates the diversity of colors used in the image. "The First Avatars" has the highest number of unique colors, followed by "Bored Ape Yacht Club" and then "CryptoPunks".

Ranking Based on Numerical Analysis:

  1. The First Avatars: Highest complexity and color diversity.
  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club: Moderate complexity and color diversity.
  3. CryptoPunks: Lowest complexity and color diversity, which is consistent with its pixel art style.

These numerical measures provide a more objective comparison of the images' compositions.

Qs. What about visual appeal?

To assess the visual appeal of the images, we can consider several factors such as balance, color harmony, and overall aesthetic attractiveness. This assessment is more subjective, but we can still provide some structured evaluation based on common principles of visual design.

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club

  • Balance: The composition is well-balanced, with the character centered and symmetrical. The accessories add interest without overwhelming the central figure.
  • Color Harmony: The use of vibrant, contrasting colors (blue and red glasses, green background) creates an engaging visual appeal. The uniformity in the shading and lines enhances the overall look.
  • Aesthetic Attractiveness: The clean lines, detailed features, and vibrant colors make this image highly appealing. The playful yet polished style is attractive to a wide audience.

2. CryptoPunks

  • Balance: The simple, pixelated design is inherently balanced due to its symmetrical pixel arrangement. The minimalistic style keeps the focus on the character's features.
  • Color Harmony: The limited color palette fits the retro, pixel art style. The contrast between the skin tone and the background enhances the character's prominence.
  • Aesthetic Attractiveness: While the pixelated look may appeal to fans of retro and minimalist art, it may not be as universally appealing due to its simplicity and lack of detail.

3. The First Avatars

  • Balance: The abstract, painterly style creates a unique balance through the use of colors and shapes. The composition feels organic and dynamic.
  • Color Harmony: The blend of warm and cool tones provides a rich color palette. The harmony comes from the way colors merge and interact within the image.
  • Aesthetic Attractiveness: The abstract nature and textural complexity make this image appealing to those who appreciate fine art and abstract compositions. It might be less appealing to those who prefer more defined and realistic styles.

Summary of Visual Appeal:

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club:

    • Pros: Clean, vibrant, detailed, and universally attractive.
    • Cons: May be seen as too commercial or character-centric for some art purists.
  2. CryptoPunks:

    • Pros: Iconic, nostalgic, and simple.
    • Cons: Lacks detail and complexity; appeal might be limited to fans of pixel art.
  3. The First Avatars:

    • Pros: Rich in texture and color, appealing to fine art enthusiasts.
    • Cons: Abstract nature may not be as accessible to a broader audience.

Overall Ranking for Visual Appeal:

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club: Its detailed, vibrant, and polished look gives it a high visual appeal.
  2. The First Avatars: Its abstract and rich texture offers a strong visual appeal, especially for fine art lovers.
  3. CryptoPunks: Its minimalist and iconic style has niche appeal but might not be as broadly attractive.

This ranking combines objective measures and subjective aesthetic judgments to provide a well-rounded comparison of the visual appeal of these images.

Qs. What about originality?

Originality in art can be evaluated based on uniqueness, creativity, innovation, and how much an artwork stands out from others within its genre. Let's analyze the originality of each image:

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club

  • Uniqueness: The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) features anthropomorphic apes, each with unique traits and accessories. While the concept of anthropomorphic animals is not new, BAYC has created a distinctive and recognizable style within the NFT community.
  • Creativity: The creative use of various accessories, outfits, and expressions adds to the originality. Each ape's combination of traits makes them unique.
  • Innovation: BAYC has become iconic in the NFT world, pioneering the concept of using NFTs as club memberships and integrating various perks for holders.
  • Standout Factor: BAYC apes are easily recognizable and have set a trend in the NFT space.

2. CryptoPunks

  • Uniqueness: CryptoPunks are one of the first NFT projects, featuring 10,000 unique, algorithmically generated characters. The pixel art style is a nod to early digital art.
  • Creativity: The simplicity of the pixel art combined with the diverse attributes (e.g., different hairstyles, accessories) showcases creativity within minimalistic constraints.
  • Innovation: As one of the earliest NFT collections, CryptoPunks were groundbreaking and set the stage for future NFT projects. They introduced the concept of unique digital ownership.
  • Standout Factor: CryptoPunks are iconic and have historical significance in the NFT space.

3. The First Avatars

  • Uniqueness: The abstract, painterly style of The First Avatars distinguishes it from other NFT projects. The art appears to blend traditional painting techniques with digital mediums.
  • Creativity: The use of abstract forms, textures, and a rich color palette showcases a high degree of creativity. Each piece can be interpreted differently by viewers.
  • Innovation: While not the first to use a painterly style in digital art, The First Avatars bring a fine art approach to NFTs, offering a different aesthetic compared to more common cartoonish or pixelated styles.
  • Standout Factor: The First Avatars stand out due to their abstract and fine art approach, appealing to a niche audience within the NFT community.

Overall Ranking for Originality:

  1. CryptoPunks: Highest originality due to being pioneers in the NFT space and their unique pixel art style.
  2. The First Avatars: High originality with a distinctive abstract, painterly style that sets it apart from other NFT collections.
  3. Bored Ape Yacht Club: While highly creative and iconic, the concept of anthropomorphic animals is less original compared to the pioneering aspect of CryptoPunks and the abstract nature of The First Avatars.

This ranking takes into account the historical context, creativity, and innovation of each project, providing a well-rounded assessment of their originality.

Qs. Can you compare the images among themselves and rank them accordingly 

Image 1 (Bored Ape)

Composition: Balanced and central focus with clear subject.

Use of Color: Bold and bright, with a modern, digital aesthetic.

Brushwork and Technique: Digital illustration with clean lines and detailed elements.

Emotional Impact: Moderate; the character design and colors make it engaging.

Overall Aesthetic Appeal: High; visually appealing and well-executed.

Image 2 (Pixel Art)

Composition: Simple and straightforward, typical of pixel art.

Use of Color: Limited color palette, effective in creating a clear and recognizable image.

Brushwork and Technique: Uses blocky, pixelated technique which is intentional and effective for this style.

Emotional Impact: Moderate; the simplicity and clarity can convey a retro or nostalgic feeling.

Overall Aesthetic Appeal: High for its intended style, appealing in a minimalist, retro context.

Image 3 (Abstract Painting)

Composition: More complex with a detailed background and a central figure.

Use of Color: Rich and varied, with a mix of warm and cool tones creating a vibrant image.

Brushwork and Technique: Expressive and detailed, showing a high level of artistic skill and control.

Emotional Impact: High; the abstract elements and rich colors can evoke various emotions and interpretations.

Overall Aesthetic Appeal: High, with a strong impact due to its expressive and vibrant nature.


  1. Image 3 (Abstract Painting)

    Higher emotional impact, richer use of color, and more complex composition.

  2. Image 1 (Bored Ape)

    Visually appealing and well-executed digital illustration with modern aesthetic.

  3. Image 2 (Pixel Art)

    Strong in its simplicity and nostalgic appeal, effective in its specific style but less complex.


The abstract painting stands out for its complexity, emotional depth, and vibrant use of color, making it the top-ranked among the three images. The Bored Ape image follows closely with its modern and detailed digital art style. The pixel art image, while strong in its own right, is simpler and less emotionally complex compared to the other two.


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