BASANT PICTURES (Balwant Bhatt) (1950)

30.00 x 20.00 in

Estimate   20,000 - ₹ 1,00,000

Estate of Riyad Wadia
Title: Circuswale
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: 1950
Director/s: Balwant Bhatt
Producer: Homi Wadia / Basant Pictures
Cinematographer: Anant Wadadekar
Art Director: Babubhai Mistry
Music Director: Chitragupt
Script Writer: Nanabhai Bhatt
Songs/Lyrics: Shyam Hindi
Costumes: Mohamed Umar, Shiva Dalvi

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cavas, Dalpat, Shyam Sundar, Sona Chatterjee, Narmada Shankar, Shapoor Aga, Bismillah, Abdulla

Plot: The Sole Proprietor of the Bharat Gramophone Company Seth Jayprasad is an old man. He divides his property between Bharati, his friend’s daughter, and his Navneet, who is looking after the business now. Bharati is given all the money and Navneet is given all the immovable property. Seth also wishes that Bharati gets married to Bipin, one of his old, faithful servants.

Navneet is not too happy about all the developments. So he arranges for a road accident in the hope of killing the girl. The plan goes off without a hitch. Bharati ‘scar, on the way to Khandala, is forced off the road and she falls off unconscious along the road in the forest.

By Bharati’s good fortune a circus caravan is passing through and they find her inan unconscious state. She is revived. But it comes to light that she has lost her memory. The Circus people take her under their wing, name her Dolly and teacher to perform. Pratap and Panna take good care of her.

One day Navneet comes to watch a circus performance. He sees Dolly performing and is convinced that it is Bharati. He tries to blow her off along with a trolley carrying explosives, but the plan fails.

Pratap and Panna realize that if Dolly has to get back her memory a good Doctor must be consulted. Bipin goes in search of that Doctor. As always Navneet tries to foil his efforts. The other way is to get Dolly to listen to the record that she has sung just before she loses her memory. Navneet tries to destroy that record and Bipin tries desperately to retrieve it.

This is a struggle between good and evil. Will Bipin succeed? Does Bharati come out of her amnesia?
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