BASANT PICTURES (Homi Wadia) (1953)

32.00 x 22.00 in

Estimate   15,000 - ₹ 75,000

Estate of Riyad Wadia
Title: Jungle Ka Jawahar
Release Date: 1952
Director/s: Homi Wadia
Producer: Basant Pictures
Cinematographer: A. D. Wadadekar
Art Director: B. Mistry, S.B. Kadam
Music Director: Madhavlal Master
Script Writer: Boman Shroff, Adi Marzban
Songs/Lyrics: Firoz Jalandhari, Dipak
Costumes: Mohammed Umar

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cavas, G. Goldstein, Leela Kumari, Daplat, Shapur Aga, Rajani, Shyam Sundar, Abdulla, Julian, Korega, Yadav, Raja Sandow

Plot: Simbola is a vast unexplored jungle full of ferocious tribals and their ruling Queen Sheena. Sheena is ruthless and fierce. Mala and her doctor father are doing a lot of humanitarian work. Mala is the exact opposite of Sheena. She is a do-gooder, taking care of the village population’s health care. Mala hence becomes a thorn in her side. She insists on saving the people that Sheena keeps sending out of the forest to die. In this Mala is also aided by her faithful horse, Rajput. Another reason Sheena is wary of the father and daughter is that the Doctor is in possession of a Rajnishani, which is given to him by Sheena’s father.

One day three strangers arrive on a plane from the city. They are immediately captured by the tribals. But the strangers overpower them with their superior guns till they run out of bullets. Ultimately the tribals take them as prisoners.

Kiran, one of the three strangers, has come to the forest with the sole aim of getting hold of the Rajnishani. It would help him to get to the late King’s treasure of diamonds. The second one is a man named Deepak and the third is Vijay. Vijay falls off a cliff but is saved by Mala. Finally, all four of them are taken prisoners.

Fortunately, a good doctor arrives to save them. He produces the Rajnishani and all the tribals bow down and go into a trance. This helps the prisoners to escape. Kiran then tells the Doctor that his brother is very ill and dying in the city. The doctor is persuaded to go and visit his brother Ramesh.

In order to go to the city, the doctor needs money. Everyone accompanies him to a cave, heavily guarded by Sheena’s men. Again the Doctor produces the Rajnishani and all the guards go into a trance. A box of diamonds is brought out by the Doctor; he takes one out of it and puts away the rest. Kiran is mesmerized by the treasure.
The Doctor and Kiran leave for the city. The Doctor hides the Rajnishani in his house. Mala and Vijay are left behind in the forest. Sheena again captures the duo on the pretext that someone needs medical attention. Mala and Vijay give a valiant fight before Mala is hit on the head and collapses.

In the city, Ramesh is not ill at all. The Doctor has been tricked. Ramesh and Kiran try to force the Doctor to tell them where the Rajnishani has been hidden. When he refuses, he is killed. Kiran and Ramesh, now posing as the Doctor, return to the forest. Hand in glove with Sheena, they only want the Rajnishani and the treasure. Will they be successful? Will Mala be able to outdo them? The film answers these questions.
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