Lot#34 || MAYA MAHAL
BASANT PICTURES (Keshav Talpade) (1949)

32.00 x 22.00 in

Estimate   20,000 - ₹ 1,00,000

Estate of Riyad Wadia
Title: Maya Mahal
Release Date: 1949
Director/s: Keshav Talpade
Producer: Wadia Movietone
Art Director: Hirabhai Patel, Kalyan Shribatri
Music Director: Lala Sattar
Script Writer: Dwarka Khosla
Songs/Lyrics: Faorukh Kaiser
Costumes: Shivaji Salvi

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cavas, Dalpat, Ali, Sona Chatterjee, Leela Kumari, Qamar, Rajani, Abdul Gani, Putli, Anwaribai

Plot: In the Kingdom of Shyamgarh King Rupsinh and his children Prema and Yashodhan lived a happy life. But the Goddess of Evil (Badi) did not like this contentment. In fact, she is jealous of the quiet and cheerful life that the three led. Badi decides to stir things up and sends one of her maids disguised as Maya to create chaos in the lives of the three of them. The Goddess of Goodness (Neki) is upset with this turn of events and feels it is an injustice. She takes on the mantle of opposing Badi.

Maya lands in Shyamgarh. She entices Rupsinh and he promptly falls in love with her. Maya weaves her web and the King begins to dance to her tunes. He issues orders that are contrary to his earlier behavior. The people are confused and do not like it. He goes to the extent of banning his subjects from offering prayers to God.

The Commander-in-Chief Vijaysinh, Prema, and Yashodhan revolt against this order. They are ordered to be put behind bars. But they manage to flee and take refuge in the forest. Neki keeps in touch with them and helps them whenever they face any dangers or are in difficulty.

Maya, meanwhile, manages to overpower Rupsinh and condemns him to a slow death by slowly turning into a stone. There is only one way in which the witchcraft of Maya can be halted. It needs the protagonists to procure the mirror kept in the possession of a Genie at Palanghat and water from the Houj of Sisa Pahad before the moon rises on the night of the full moon day.

Vijaysinh and his faithful servant Bhondu set out to take the necessary action. But will they be able to accomplish it? Will King Rupsinh come out of the curse?

Will Maya be vanquished?
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