BASANT PICTURES (Ramnik Vyas) (1947)

20.00 x 30.00 in

Estimate   20,000 - ₹ 1,00,000

Estate of Riyad Wadia
Title: Stunt Queen
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: 1947
Director/s: Ramnik Vaidya
Producer: Homi Wadia / Basant Pictures
Cinematographer: Haren Bhatt
Music Director: Chitragupt
Script Writer: Batuk Bhatt, Shyam Hindi
Songs/Lyrics: Shyam Hindi

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cavas, Sona Chatterjee, Dalpat, Shyamsundar, M.K.Hasan, Anant Prabhu, Karim Jan, Ranibala, Dog Moti, Trainer N. Mani

Plot: This is the story of Hansa, Seth Kishorilal’s daughter. Seth Kishorilal, who is no more leaves behind a huge fortune for his daughter which includes a car factory. Since Hansa is a minor, Shobha, the deceased man’s Secretary is appointed as the guardian. This angers the General Manager of the firm, Kalinath.
Since Kalinath has his own plans about misappropriating the legacy, he does not expect Shobha to interfere. But Shobha is very protective towards Hansa and has made up her mind to set things right for her. She visits Kalinath in his den. But is captured by him and. Shobha being cleverer than him manages to escape with her trusted servant.

As the pair of them are rushing away, their car starts to give them some trouble. Forced to stop the pair finds another car parked close to where they are stranded. Shobha manages to get into the car and the two of them drive away.
After a little while, the owner of the car comes out of the hotel where a party is in progress and finds the car replaced. The lady thinks of only one alternative and walks into a police station to complain about the theft. So she gets into the available car to drive to the Police Station. Just then the police who are after Shobha, to get hold of her for speeding, arrive and arrest the lady. At the Police Station, the police realise that the arrested lady is not Shobha. In fact, it is Meena, the wife of a wealthy merchant called Seth Krishnalal.

Meena had always wanted some adventure in her life. She is locked up in the police station for the night, which was an adventurer for her alright. But she blamed the newspapers for giving more publicity to her husband when actually she was the one who had suffered. Shobha meanwhile has managed to reach the Office. Here she meets Amar, who is also interested in helping her. But Shobha tells him that her first task is to make sure that Hansa is settled. Hansa is in love with a boy employed in the factory called Anup.

Once again Shobha finds out that Kalinath is sending out empty boxes instead of packing the cars in them. She takes up the responsibility of confronting Kalinath about the misdeed. In this, she is helped by Amar. Kalinath also plans to kidnap Anup and take him away to another place so that he can then get Hansa under his Control.
On the other side, Seth Krishnalal is not keeping good health and the Doctor advises him on a trip to the hills. Meena, his wife manages to convince him to make that trip. Kalinath is successful in kidnapping Anup. Shobha follows on their trail to the hill station. On the same train as Kalinath and his men are Seth Krishnalal and his wife Meena, going to the same hill station.

Bhagu and Amar join forces to help Hansa. Both of them get on the train which has all the people on it. Amar comes across Meena and mistakes her for Shobha. Kalinath is giving Anup a hard time. The purpose is so that Hansa will come around. Amar and Bhagu while chasing one of the henchmen of Kalinath turn up at the den. Here they manage to save Shobha. Elsewhere Kalinath’s men capture Meena thinking she is Shobha. She is taken to Kalinath. Now Seth Krishnalal is confused because he has mistaken Shobha for his wife. He takes her to the Police. But she and Amar escape.

They reach the den with the Police at their heels. Now Kalinath is in a fix because he confronts two Shobhas. The only way left for Kalinath is to flee the place to escape all these people. He jumps on a horse and runs away. Amar follows him. Whilst fleeing Kalinath stumbles over a rocky outcrop and falls and meets his end. Everything gets settled for Hansa. But Seth Krishnalal is left wondering which of the two Shobhas is his wife.

P.S. Through the kind courtesy of ‘Osianama Archive and Library, India’.
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