Lot#54 || Atul Bose (1898 - 1977)
GRANDMA (c 1935)

Oil on canvas
24.50 x 20.50 in

Estimate   8,00,000 - ₹ 12,00,000

Artist's Estate
Atul Bose, a celebrated Indian artist renowned for his exceptional portraiture, received his training at Calcutta's State College of Arts and Crafts and later became its Director. He secured a scholarship to study art at London's Royal Academy of Arts, where he drew inspiration from English post-Impressionist Walter Sickert, evident in his later works characterized by subtle grey and brown tones. Bose's preferred medium was oil and in this lot titled "Grandma," he skillfully captures the serenity of a grandmother dressed in white, holding prayer beads, and radiating spiritual tranquillity. What sets this artwork apart is its monochromatic composition. Note that the entire painting is executed in just two colours brown and white, and further that this is not a portrait of the artist's grandmother, but how he envisioned 'a grandmother'. This work stands as a testament to Bose's empathy and skill, cherished as one of his finest pieces by the Bose family. In their own words they refer to this artwork as ‘Remarkable’ (Refer PRINSEPS YouTube - Interview with Sanjit Bose)
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