Lot#1 || Surendranath Ganguly (1885 - 1909)
KARTIKEYA (c 1910)

Woodblock Print on Paper further handpainted using gold, blue, white, and black colours
10.00 x 6.50 in

Estimate   10,000 - ₹ 20,000

Rathin Maitra Archives
Surendranath Ganguly (b. 1885) studied at the Government School of Art Calcutta under EB Havell and Abanindranath Tagore, alongside Nandalal Bose. He was one of Abanindranath’s earliest disciples and part of a select group aiming to rejuvenate Indian art. The Indian Society of Oriental Art (1907), backed by European enthusiasts, reignited interest in artists like Ganguly through the Japanese colour woodblock technique. Particularly remarkable was the successful replication of Nandalal Bose's Sati, featured in the Japanese journal Kokka. Surendranath Ganguly's masterpiece Kartikeya was another successful reproduction using the Japanese method. Kartikeya exhibits intricate detailing and delicate layers, displaying Ganguly's dedication. Ganguly's technique in this work warrants attention. The evident hand-painted details, delicate layers, and use of a single-haired brush showcase his dedication to precision. This work goes beyond a print, possibly being a painting.
Indian Myth and Legend (1913) Pg 268 (Another version). By permission of the Indian Society of Oriental Art Calcutta. Modern Indian Painting (2019). The Bengal School - The Rise of Artistic Nationalism in India by Partha Mitter.
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