Lot#17 || K.H. Ara (1914-1985)
MIRROR (1951)

Mixed media on paper
Signed lower right
22.00 x 30.00 in

Estimate   15,00,000 - ₹ 20,00,000

The renowned Indian painter K.H. Ara was a prominent member of the Progressive Artists’ Group in Bombay. While Ara initially explored landscapes and socio-historical themes in his artistic journey, he gained significant recognition for his still life and nude study paintings. Notably, he was the first contemporary Indian painter to devote attention to the female nude as a subject while adhering to the principles of naturalism. Alongside his exploration of the human form; Ara also delved into still-life compositions, showcasing his mastery in depicting inanimate objects as done in this artwork. His artistic legacy lies in his ability to capture the beauty and essence of both still life and the human figure through his paintings.
Bombay Art Society Annual Day 1960 Exhibition Catalogue Mumbai 1960 unpaginated illustrated. Studies in Development of K.H. Ara M.F. Husain and J. Sabavala Marg Volume VI Number 2 Bombay p. 54 illustrated.
Bombay Art Society Annual Day 1960 Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai April 23 1960.
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