Lot#34 || Walter Langhammer (1905-1977)
REST (c 1950)

Oil on board
Signed 'W. Langhammer' (lower left)
21.00 x 23.00 in

Estimate   10,00,000 - ₹ 15,00,000

Walter Langhammer (b. 1905) was one of the founding patrons of India’s most eminent schools of modern oil painting the “Bombay Progressives”. Founded after the partition of India in 1947; a group of young Indian artists sought the guidance of Langhammer and drew inspiration from European oil painting to establish their own artistic identity. Langhammer was an established artist who fled to Bombay post Austria’s annexation after being urged by a former student to move to India. Despite being arrested as enemy aliens by the British authorities, Langhammer, and his wife were released with the help of a common friend. They created a studio in their apartment and hosted salons for artists and intellectuals, introducing them to modern European art. Langhammer influenced the Progressives while India influenced his own work. This artwork displays his obsession with colour, influenced by the vibrant colours and light of India. Eventually, Langhammer returned to Europe and passed away leaving behind a legacy where colour was the true subject of his paintings.
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