Lot#26 || Manindra Bhushan Gupta (1898 – 1968)

Gouache on paper
Signed lower right
37.00 x 26.00 in

Estimate   2,00,000 - ₹ 3,00,000

Manindra Bhushan Gupta was born in 1898 in Dhaka; which was then part of the undivided province of Bengal. This painting is one of his remarkable works influenced by his training under Nandalal Bose and his fascination with India’s rich cultural heritage. Inspired by nature and the lives of Santhals in Santiniketan; he created a series of wash paintings depicting the unique Birbhum landscape. In 1925 the Ananda College of Sri Lanka requested Rabindranath to send an artist to lead their Fine Arts department. Manindra Bhushan was chosen and served as the head of the drawing department until 1927. This artwork stems from his time in Sri Lanka where he explored various archaeological sites and Buddhist monasteries. He found great inspiration in the country’s art tradition and scenic beauty. Apart from his artistic endeavors Manindra Bhushan also wrote extensively on art history and biographical sketches of artists. His works left a lasting influence on his students at the Government School of Art in Kolkata.
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