Lot#52 || Avinash Chandra (1931 - 1991)
UNTITLED (Abstract)

Watercolour on paper
21.50 x 29.50 in

Estimate   4,00,000 - ₹ 6,00,000

Originally acquired from Chemould Art Gallery
Avinash Chandra was a Shimla-born Indian painter who received his education at the Polytechnic School in Delhi. He relocated to London in 1956 and became one of the pioneering Indian artists to achieve international recognition. In 1965, he made history as the first Indian British artist to exhibit at Tate Britain in London. Chandra’s artistic journey can be categorised into four distinct periods: New Delhi- London- New York and a subsequent return to London. In the New Delhi period, he painted gloomy landscapes with houses in forests conveying a sense of isolation and confinement. During the London period, he created erotically charged paintings featuring fragmented figures in surreal and grotesque forms. In the New York period, his works became smoother and more linear while still exploring the theme of humanscapes. Finally, upon returning to London, Chandra’s paintings transformed into lush depictions of female figures merging with and transforming into beautiful flowers. These last works known as foliagescapes combine Chandra’s fascination with form and nature’s vitality. Some of his small works are almost completely abstract with forceful linear gestures depicting intense and abstract delirium.
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