Lot#28 || Jagdish Swaminathan (1928 - 1994)
UNTITLED (Abstract) (1993)

Oil on canvas
46.50 x 32.25 in

Estimate   1,00,00,000 - ₹ 1,50,00,000

Acquired from the artist’s estate
Born in Shimla, Jagdish Swaminathan was trained at the Delhi Polytechnic and later pursued his art education further in Poland. However, it wasn’t until the late 1950s that he fully committed himself to art. In the mid-1950s he joined the Communist Party of India and worked as a journalist and art critic for Left-leaning publications. In August 1962, Swaminathan established “Group 1890” which held its sole exhibition in 1963. As a solo artist, he curated approximately 31 shows and actively participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. Swaminathan’s paintings were characterised by an alluring simplicity. Through vibrant imagery and vivid colours; his works celebrated the triumph of the inner self above the mundane. Over time his well-ordered colour geometry and brush techniques made room for the incorporation of symbols. Influenced by tribal arts; he began using his fingers to apply pigments thereby achieving the desired effect in his creations.
Transits of a Wholetimer Jagdish Swaminathan pg. 140
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