Lot#11 || Ganesh Pyne (1937 - 2013)
UNTITLED (Jotting) (1995)

Mixed media on paper
9.40 x 7.80 in

Estimate   50,000 - ₹ 1,00,000

Ganesh Pyne was born in 1937 in Kolkata amidst the turbulent years leading to Indian Independence and partition. Pyne’s works comprise intricate ink works, haunting temperas, and jottings. Ganesh Pyne’s jottings along with being a pictorial representation of his thoughts were intensive preliminary sketches for his crucial works. The main medium of his work was tempera which had its limitations. It did not allow Pyne the scope of altering or correcting the painting. The tempera was hence more of a transferred work, the main form having been done in intricate jottings and sketches. Pyne would also use colour in his jottings. Hence calling these jottings - drawings in black ink on graph paper with the uneven application of colour.
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