Lot#48 || M.F. Husain (1915 - 2011)
UNTITLED (Landscape) (1989)

Acrylic on canvas
36.00 x 55.00 in

Estimate   65,00,000 - ₹ 85,00,000

From the beginning, M.F. Husain had been responsive to the force of symbolisation. Three jungle animals are considered sacred in India – an elephant, a tiger, and a monkey. This artwork depicts two of them. Perhaps this work symbolises his Southeast Asian homeland. In his works, the coexistence of man and animals is not on a mundane or realistic level. He employed the associative power of colours and drew freely on animals and inanimate motifs to suggest emotions. Husain skillfully utilises animal forms to symbolise nature and encapsulate their emotional, literary, and mythical associations. Rather than serving as the primary subject of the painting, these animal characters embody inspirational principles. Similar to the essence of a fable, Husain employs animal forms to reflect and amplify the mood of the human characters as depicted in this artwork.
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