Lot#5 || Thota Vaikuntam (b. 1942)
UNTITLED (Set of three) (c 1990)

Acrylic on wood
Signed and dated ; unsigned ; unsigned
9.50 x 16.00 in

Estimate   1,00,000 - ₹ 2,00,000

Private Collection Bangalore
Thota Vaikuntam draws inspiration from his rural upbringing in Telangana, creating vibrant artworks that pay homage to the everyday life of rural communities. His works highlight the beauty of their traditional attire and ornamentation. His artistic focus often centers around women, making them recurring subjects in his works. The stylised figures in his paintings evoke a sense of movement reminiscent of temple friezes. Vaikuntam’s colour palette reflects the natural hues of rural India with touches of kumkum, red ochre, saffron, and green colours. In addition to his two-dimensional paintings; he also explores three-dimensional expressions of his art on found objects and furniture infusing them with his distinctive style.
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