WADIA BROTHERS (J.B.H.Wadia) (1960)

40.00 x 30.00 in

Estimate   30,000 - ₹ 1,50,000

Estate of Riyad Wadia
Title: Duniya Jhukti Hai
Genre: Drama
Release Date: February 19, 1960
Director/s: J. B. H. Wadia
Producer: Wadia Movietone Pvt. Ltd.
Cinematographer: Aga Hasham
Art Director: Bachubhai Mistry
Music Director: Hemant Kumar
Script Writer: Aga Jani Kashmiri
Songs/Lyrics: Rajinder Krishen
Costumes: Mohamed Umar

Cast: Sunil Dutt, Shyama, Kum Kum, Agha Jaan, Daisy Irani, B.M. Vyas, Sheila Vaz,Wasti, Habib, Uma Dutt, Shri Bhagwan, Dalpat Sinha, Abdulla, Salim, Neelambai, Kesar, Satyrani, Ismail, Shethi, Madhu Apte, Julian, Yadav, Korega, Kalla, Bismilla, M.K. Hasan, Mithoo Miyan, Bagla, Kapur, W.M. Khan, Damuanna Malvankar.

Plot: Mohan, a young man is an embittered man in life. He has lost the one woman, Laxmi, he loved. She is married off to a rich man. He decides to become a rich man and in the process turns into a criminal, changing his name to Bankey. Yet, he is only a cog in the machine, catering to an unknown Boss.
One day he saves a fatherless child from drowning. He becomes ‘Daddy’ to the little boy. On the advice of the School Head Master and due to his reputation of a bully he avoids Munna. Munna in turn has come to love Bankey and wants to spend most of his time with him. Munna is Laxmi’s child and when she finds out that Munna is friendly with Bankey she forbids her son from meeting Bankey forever.

One day while being chased by the police Bankey lands up in the house of Balma, a dancing girl. She is deeply in love with Bankey. But Bankey is still nursing his love for Laxmi. Balma pleads with Bankey to give up his bad ways. Bankey breaks down and tells her the story of his life and the entry of Munna into it. During a local festivity that he has organized, Munna comes up to him and requests him to give up his bad ways. Bankey feels insulted and slaps the little boy. But repents when he comes to know that Munna is ill and goes to visit him in the hospital. He decides to reform and turns himself to the police.

The police keep him out of jail so that he may come in handy when they have to capture his Boss. The Boss is facing losses ever since Bankey has stopped working for him. Munna is kidnapped by the Boss. It is a ploy to get Bankey to restart work as a goon. Bankey goes to kill the Boss, but Laxmi comes there and reveals that he is the father of Munna. Bankey is stupefied, taking this chance the Boss tries to shoot him. But the police arrive and the Boss is gunned down.

Bankey or Mohan has to pay the price for his bad ways. He is jailed. After serving his term he is united with Laxmi and Munna.
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