Lot#84 || TASVEER
WADIA BROTHERS (J.B.H.Wadia) (1966)

30.00 x 20.00 in

Estimate   20,000 - ₹ 1,00,000

Estate of Riyad Wadia
Title: Tasveer
Genre: Action, Romance
Release Date: 1966
Director/s: J. B. H. Wadia
Producer: Wadia Movietone
Cinematographer: Aga Hasham W. I. C. A.
Art Director: Sudhendu Roy
Music Director: C. Ramchandra
Script Writer: D.N. Madhok, J. B. H. Wadia
Songs/Lyrics: D.N. Madhok, Prem Dhawan
Costumes: Hilla Wadia

Cast: Feroz Khan, Kalpana, Helen, Sajjan, Nazir Hussain, Lalita Pawar, Raj Mehra, Rajendranath, Sabina, Indira Bansal, Arti, Dalpat, Bismilla, Gaikwad, Badshah, Darshan, Prem Kumar, Kishan Kumar, Dog Rover.

Plot: Shyam and Ishrat are very good friends. Shyam belongs to a wealthy family and Ishrat is a painter, who is not so well-off. Ishrat finds out that Alka, a social butterfly, is trying to trap Shyam, he pretends to be in love with her. When Shyam finds out that his friend is interested in Alka he steps away from Alka and angers her by this move. One day while on a visit to Ishrat’s studio he spots the painting of a Kashmiri girl, Pelu. Ishrat is secretly in love with Pelu. Shyam leaves the studio without informing Ishrat.

In Bombay, in an attempt to avoid the marriage with Alka, Shyam ends up saying that he is in love with the girl in the painting and leaves for Kashmir. On reaching Kashmir and after he meets Pelu he realises that he has actually fallen in love with her. But Thakore Baba, Pelu’s grandfather, is averse to the marriage. It so happens that Pelu’s mother, his daughter, too was married to a person from the city and was betrayed.

However, as time goes by Baba is convinced of Shyam’s sincerity and gives in. Pelu and Shyam are married. Now in Bombay, for the wedding party of Shyam and Pelu, Ishrat is shocked to find out that his friend is married to the girl he secretly loved. Sometime later Alka comes to meet Shyam. He insists that she marry Ishrat, saying that Ishrat is in love with her. Alka agrees on one condition if Shyam gives her the diamond necklace, which is a family heirloom. Pelu is very attached to it.

Shyam steals the necklace and hands it over to Alka. Pelu sees this exchange. She misunderstands and decides to leave her husband and go back to her Grandfather. She writes a letter to that effect to Shyam’s Uncle, Monu, saying, since she is a misfit in this elite society she has decided to return to her Grandfather and that she is carrying the necklace with her as a souvenir. Shyam confesses to his Uncle to have stolen the necklace. Ishrat overhears the conversation between Shyam and his Uncle. He goes to Alka and has a showdown with her and forcibly takes away the necklace.

Shyam follows Pelu to Kashmir. Thakore Baba is furious to see Shyam and rushes to the place where Shyam and Pelu are meeting. He fires the gun at Shyam a few times but misses the target. It is winter in Kashmir and there is snow all over. The gunshots start an avalanche. And all three of them get enveloped in it. Shyam manages to save Baba. Ishrat, who has followed Shyam manages to save Pelu. But in doing so he gets crushed under a huge boulder. Shyam and Baba bring out Ishrat. Ishrat hands over the necklace to Pelu and dies carrying his secret love for Pelu with him. Shyam and Pelu are united.
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