Lot#11 || AMAR RAJ
WADIA MOVIETONE (Homi Wadia) (1946)

30.00 x 20.00 in

Estimate   20,000 - ₹ 1,00,000

Estate of Riyad Wadia
Title: Amar Raj
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: 1946
Director/s: Homi Wadia
Producer: Wadia Movietone
Art Director: Baburao S Jadhav
Music Director: Feroz Nizami
Script Writer: J.B.H. Wadia, Pandit Fani, P N S Razdan

Cast: Naseem Jr., Trilok Kapoor, H. Prakash, Rehana, Nirupa Roy, Kelkar, Sayani ‘Atish’, Aziz Premi, Zafar Raje, Ganpat Premi, Ismail, Aftab, Ajay Kumar, Dalpat, Kalidas, Latif Parvez, Krishnakant, Sikandar Hayat

Plot: The inhabitants of Ghogha, in Gujarat, were facing a dual disaster. There was a severe drought and to add to it was a pandemic. The fields were dry and the houses empty.

The people of the village decided to sail to Lanka in order to escape this misfortune. While on the ship bound for Lanka all of them are dreaming of the good life they would have. But hardship does not seem to desert them. The ship encounters a sea storm. There is thunder and lightning and huge waves seem to take over the ship. The passengers were certain they were going to die. Bhadrapal, his wife, and his son Kamal are part of the unfortunate passengers. When Bhadrapal realises that there was no chance they were going to come out of the storm alive, he ties his son to a plank and throws him overboard. There comes a huge wave and the ship goes down with all the passengers on it. In all this mêlée, Bhadrapal survives. He has lost everything, including his memory. As luck would have it the father and son both land on the shores of Lanka.

Bhadrapal is secure as the King’s Prime Minister, whereas a young Kamal is living in an ashram in the loving care of a Guru. He was a favourite of the Guru and had mastered the art of music and various sciences. He was a real support to the Guru’s adopted daughter, Bakula. Kamal was unaware of Bakula’s love for him. He was engrossed in his own self and his learning.

Bhadrapal in turn is very unhappy about the atrocities the King, Amarjyoti, inflicts upon his subjects. He tries very hard to stop the King from his mean ways but is always unsuccessful. The reason is Indrasen, the Commander–in–Chief of the Army. Indrasen has a great influence over the King.

Amarjyoti has in fact ascended the throne by usurping his brother Deendayal. The subjects of Lanka had been subjected to atrocities since the takeover of the throne. The people had tried to rebel against the massacre with Deendayal as their leader, but the rebellion had been crushed. In order to humiliate his brother further, he makes him a watchman during the swayamvar of his daughter Usha. But Deendayal dies. Mahakaal predicts that Amarjyoti will die at the hands of a musician.

Does he really die? How does it happen? How the wheels of fortune turn is the crux of the film.
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