WADIA MOVIETONE (Homi Wadia) (1936)

40.00 x 30.00 in

Estimate   2,50,000 - ₹ 12,50,000

Estate of Riyad Wadia
Wadia Movietone’s SUPERHIT one-of-its-kind unique hand painted poster preserved from 1936.

Title: Miss Frontier Mail
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: 1936
Director/s: Homi Wadia
Producer: Wadia Movietone
Cinematographer: Vasant Jagtap
Art Director: Pestonji D. Mistry
Music Director: Mir Saheb, Kamal Amrohi
Script Writer: J. B. H. Wadia, Homi Wadia

Cast: Fearless Nadia, Gulshan, Sardar Mansoor, Master Mohammed, Sayani ‘Atish’, John Cavas, Jal Khambatta, Minoo the Mystic, Master Jaidev, Munshi Thoonthi, Bashir Qawwal, Hanif, Babu, Maske, Sadashiv, Kesari, Mohan, Abdul, Bismillah,Abdul Rehman, Tarapore, Debara, Suleiman, Kothare, Aga Mohammed (Motor cyclist)

Plot: Ishwarlal, the Deputy Station Master of a railway station is murdered by a masked man. In the ensuing scuffle the mask comes off and one of the henchmen happens to see the face. But they manage to escape. The Station Master Maganlal comes to the room and pries the knife from his Deputy’s body. Just then the police arrive and arrest the Station Master.

Savita and Jayant are Maganlal’s children. Savita is fond of hunting, tennis, and racing fast cars. Jayant is an amateur filmmaker. Both of them receive a telegram about the news that their father has been arrested. It is sent to them by their Uncle Shyamlal. Jayant and his friend soon get involved in the villain’s actions when they manage to film him and his gang while they are planning to blow up a bridge. It is the masked man, who blows up the bridge. He has been engaged by a person who owns an airline company and wants to promote his business.

Savita and Jayant begin a hunt for the masked man, Sundar, the son of the head of the railway authority who is infatuated with Savita. Gulab, a gangster’s mall, who is siding with the villain also turns around and joins Savita in her quest to eliminate the masked man.

Savita and Sundar stage a fight with the gangsters atop a train and succeed. Meanwhile, Signal X the villain, and his men manage to steal the box containing the film of the gangster’s doings. When Savita lands up to fight them, Shyamlal pretends to help Savita but actually, he helps the hirelings to run away.

Fortunately, the film is replaced with bananas by Jayant’s friend. But Shyamlal succeeds in burning the film. The henchmen surprise Sundar in the cabin where he is posted as the apprentice. He fights valiantly but in vain. The trains crash and he faces an inquiry. His father refuses to yield even for the sake of his son. Sundar escapes and goes to the lonely house where Savita has been held by Shyamlal alias Signal X. He tricks Savita and Sundar into a trap. In reality, he wants to kill them. Just then the police come in with Jayant and his friend. The culprits are rounded up. But Signal X manages to escape in an airplane.
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