WADIA MOVIETONE (J.B.H.Wadia) (1971)

40.00 x 30.00 in

Estimate   30,000 - ₹ 1,50,000

Estate of Riyad Wadia
Title: Saaz Aur Sanam
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 1971
Director/s: J. B. H. Wadia
Producer: Wadia Movietone
Cinematographer: G. Kale W. I. C. A.
Art Director: R.K. Handa
Music Director: Chitragupt
Script Writer: Hamid Jalal, J. B. H. Wadia
Songs/Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi
Action: Azim
Costumes: Mani Rabadi

Cast: Rekha, Premendra, Suresh Chatwal, Sapru, Poornima, Renu, Ratan Kumar, Brahmachari, Bhagwan, Rajnibala, Arvind.

Plot: Vijay loves to play the trumpet. But his landlord throws him out of the rented place because he disturbs the neighbours with his constant trumpet playing. Chandra, his friend, gives him the keys to his Goa home where Vijay can play the instrument to his heart’s content. Chandra is also secretly in love with a girl called Pushpa.

Meanwhile, Satish Babu takes his daughter to Goa to Sushilabai’s place on one Bihari’s advice. Sushilabai is a rich spinster, she had adopted Chandrika and the mischievous Tikkoo, Chandrika’s brother. Chandrika is in love with Chandra, but he does not reciprocate. So Vijay contrives to take Chandra to Goa so he could be in close proximity with his beloved. Vijay also tries his tricks on Pushpa. But instead of being irritated, she is attracted more and more towards him.

Satish Babu gets to know that Pushpa has spent a whole night with Vijay in his villa. He forces Vijay to marry her. But he manages to escape disguised as a hippie with the help of Romeo, Chandra’s trusted servant. Vijay returns to Bombay, having failed in his mission to bring Chandra and Pushpa together. In the meantime, he too has fallen in love with Pushpa. On his way back he comes upon the gambling den of a ‘Boss’, he is none other than Bihari. Luckily a Policeman named Pinto helps him escape.

Bihari coerces Satish Babu to let him marry Pushpa. Satish Babu is not in favour of it. So Bihari blackmails him by showing the evidence of a murder that apparently Satish Babu has committed. But it is a false claim. Pushpa overhears their conversation and agrees to marry Bihari to help her father.

Chandra and Chandrika suspect Bihari as the ‘Boss’. They come to Bombay to solve this mystery. Romeo has also followed them to take back Vijay. Vijay sees the ‘Boss’ and follows him to a gambling den. He finds Chandra and Chandrika there as prisoners. Vijay too is taken over as a prisoner and tortured. Romeo manages to reach the den with the police and rescues all of them. But the ‘Boss’ manages to escape.

One day of the wedding Vijay, with the help of Romeo and Tikkoo overpowers Bihari the ‘Boss’, and reaches the venue dressed as the groom. In the marriage hall, Bihari exposes Vijay, but he manages to escape with Pushpa.

In the climax, there is a car chase, a dangerous fight on a launch, and a life and death struggle on a hilltop. Finally, the police arrive and arrest Bihari as the ‘Boss’ and the film ends on a happy note.
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