Colombian Emerald 18 ct Brilliant Cut

16.5 x 15.6 x 10.6 mm.
18.0 ct

This Colombian Emerald is set in a ring and is certified by the Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF) and the House of Gubelin. The estimated weight of the stone is approximately18 Carat.

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Report Number: 17080141

Date: 25 August 2017

Item: One faceted gemstone set in a ring

Weight: total weight of the item - 20.5 g

Shape: cushion-shape

Cut: modified-brilliant cut

Measurements: approx. 16.5 x 15.6 x 10.6mm

Transparency: transparent

Colour: green 

Species: Natural beryl

Variety: Emerald 

Origin: Colombia 


 - Indications of minor clarity enhancement.

 - Natural emeralds are commonly clarity enhanced


Test Report No. 95198

on the authenticity of the following gemstone, set in a ring with diamonds 

Total Weight: 20.5 grams (including setting and diamonds)

Shape & cut: antique cushion, brilliant/ step cut

Measurements: approximately 16.45 x 15.55 x 10.60 mm

Estimated Weight: approximately 18 ct 

Colour: green of medium strong saturation 

Identification: E M E R A L D (variety of natural beryl)


 - The analyzed properties confirm the authenticity of this transparent emerald 

 - Indications of clarity modification. A moderate amount of artificial resin in fissures at the time of testing.

Origin: Colombia

 Basel, 6 September 2017, cp

This shimmering, evening stone set in a ring is bound to be the life of any party. Occupying the center stage with its glowing stone, this ring promises to turn quite a few faces green with envy. Dipped in deep green color, the Colombian Emerald evokes an aura of hushed magic and mystery. But why emeralds from Colombia, you may ask. The simple answer is that Colombia is a treasure trove of some of the purest and rarest emeralds in the world. These satiny gemstones are not just in the limelight for their incomparable beauty but also for their ever-increasing value. Owing to their sophisticated softness and impressive durability, it is no wonder that these are also popular as engagement rings!
While an air of mystique revolves around the discoverer of the Colombian Emerald, legends say that it was first mined by Spanish Conquistadors. Archaeologists and historians believe that this gemstone was mined as early as 300 AD. When this evening stone was exported to India, it was donned by the Mogul emperor as a protective charm. Indians soon started referring to this stone as the Mogul Emerald. Europe cherished this stone as the bearer of medicinal properties treating ailments like epilepsy and fever. While prominent personalities such as celebrities and kings from the time of Cleopatra soon developed an ardent desire for this brilliant yet humble gem. 

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