Estate Basra And Uncut Diamond Taveez Necklace

Vintage Jadau suite of 14 ’Taveez’ in a necklace in green Meenakari or enamel with uncut diamonds set in a certified gucchha of Basra pearls likely to be from UP. The Taveez is traditionally meant to protect individuals and ward off evil. A curated collection from the House of Gazdar.

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A glass-like paste in its raw state, enamel is made of fluorite and silicate. There are several types of enamel used in India - mulaim meena (soft enamel), sakht meena (hard enamel), and khula meena (transparent enamel). Today, raw enamel is manufactured in Jaipur and Kolkata. The quintessential motifs of the meenakar (enameller) were derived from the sun, the moon, animals, and flowers such as roses, poppies, chrysanthemums, and the lotus.


Jadau derives its name from the colloquial term ‘jad’ (which means to embed), and is widely used in kundan, polki, and meenakari jewellery. Introduced in India by the Mughals, it is a technique of jewellery-making where precious gemstones like uncut diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and rubies are embedded into gold.

Uncut diamond 

Uncut diamonds are unpolished, unshaped, and also known as raw and rough diamonds. A diamond's value is based on the four C's; cut, carat, colour, and clarity.


The Taveez is traditionally meant to protect individuals and ward off evil.

Basra Pearl

Basra Pearl is a high-quality precious variety of the natural pearl gemstone, originating from the Basra region of the Persian Gulf. Basra is best known to the world as the city from which Sinbad set out in the fable, The Thousand and One Nights.


House of Gazdar

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