Estate White Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl Karan-Phool Earrings

₹ 6,00,000

69.05 Grams

Earrings set with pear and oval-shaped uncut white sapphires, pearls, red and green enamel, foil, gold. A curated collection from the House of Gazdar.

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A glass-like paste in its raw state, enamel is made of fluorite and silicate. There are several types of enamel used in India - mulaim meena (soft enamel), sakht meena (hard enamel), and khula meena (transparent enamel). Today, raw enamel is manufactured in Jaipur and Kolkata. The quintessential motifs of the meenakar (enameller) were derived from the sun, the moon, animals, and flowers such as roses, poppies, chrysanthemums, and the lotus.

Karan- Phool 

Karan-Phool earrings are long, hanging earrings with two parts. One part is an Almas earring confined within a gold frame, in a floral shape with pearl drops. The other is a suspending chain known as the Larzak made from pearls travelling all the way above your ear, eventually tucked into one's hair. Even though they are two parts, they are made as a single piece.


House of Gazdar

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