Paithani Pitambar (1920-1965)

34.0 x 184.2 in

Bhanu Athaiya's Personal Textile Collection

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Men use pitambar (a turmeric yellow or orange color waist cloth), a special dhoti while performing rituals. Pitambar and Uparana (small shela draped over shoulders) are considered a must-have attire while performing any ritual. This is still practiced in most Brahmin families and other orthodox Hindu families.

Silk, Silver Zari (Gold Plated + 5% Gold Content)

Men’s pitambar, (Dhoti for religious ritual).Technique: Handloom/Handwoven.

Khawle Kath/Narli Kath or coconut border with karwati kinar

Paithani, Yeola, Maharastra

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