Ruby And Diamond Necklace And Earrings

Earrings- Gross weight 31.950 grams, Rubies: 25.79, Diamonds: 6.34 carats
Necklace- Gross weight: 102.250 grams, Rubies: 49.29 carats, Diamonds: 5.22 carats

Cluster of cabochon rubies and baguette diamonds set in 18kt white gold. A curated collection from the House of Gazdar

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A Cabochon (or cutting en cabochon – French: “in the manner of a cabochon”) is a kind of cut used on gemstones where the stone is molded and polished into a smooth, convex shape with a flat base. Cabochons or Cabs are usually circular or oval but may be cut into different shapes.


The word baguette originates from France and translates to a long thin, loaf of French bread. The baguette cut of a diamond has a striking resemblance to a baguette that is long and rectangular in shape. This cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings. 



House of Gazdar

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