Ruby necklace

Diamonds: 43.01 carats
Rubies: 39.90 carats

Natural Burma Ruby And Diamond Necklace. Symbolizing magnificent beauty of nature, openwork floral design, cluster of diamonds and natural Burma Rubies. A curated collection from the House of Gazdar.

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Burmese Ruby

The Burmese Ruby is a prized possession that scatters brilliant light into the darkest of places. It is hence no surprise that this alluring stone has been every poet's muse since time immemorial. Not just a stone hooked on your cultured pearl string, the Burmese Ruby demands higher prices per carat than any other gemstone, except for colored diamonds. Traced in Burma in the 13th century, today Burmese rubies are rare enough to create a rush in auction rooms. 


104093, 104094, No indications of heating, purplish red to red of medium strong saturation.

49 Rubies certified.

6 Rubies uncertified 

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