Burmese Ruby 16ct Antique Cushion Cut

14.5 x 5.0 x 8.3 mm.
16.0 ct

This Burmese Ruby is set in a ring and is certified by the Swiss Gemmological Institute and the House of Gubelin. Its estimated weight is approximately 16 carat.

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Report Number: 17080142

Date: 25 August 2017

Item: One faceted gemstone set in a ring 

Weight: total weight of item - 22.1 g

Shape: cushion-shape

Cut: brilliant-cut/step cut

Measurements: approx 13.9 x 14.5 x 8.3mm

Transparency: transparent

Color: pink-red

Species: Natural corundum

Variety: Ruby

Origin: Burma (Myanmar)


-No Indication Of Heating (NTE)

-Indications Of Minor Clarity Enhancement (F1)


Test Report No. 95197

on the authenticity of the following gemstone, set in a ring with diamonds 

Total Weight: 22.1 grams (including setting and diamonds)

Shape & cut: antique cushion, brilliant/step cut

Measurements:  14.55 x 13.90 x8.25mm

Estimated weight: approximately 16 ct

Colour: pinkish red of medium-strong saturation

Identification: R U B Y  (variety of natural corundum)


- The analysed properties confirm the authenticity of this transparent ruby.

 - No indications of heating. Moderate amount of oil in fissures at the time of testing.

Origin: Burma (Myanmar)

Basel, 6 September 2017 cp


Burma rubies are the most precious form of rubies because of their distinct 'pigeon blood red color' or 'pink-red' color. Belonging to the corundum family this stone is one of the most sought after gemstone and is used to compare all other 'red' color gemstones. The result of the significant red color in Burma Ruby Stone is because of the presence of 'chromium'. Sapphires and Ruby both belong to the corundum family but a sapphire stone can be found in all colors except for the distinct red color present in a Ruby. This 'red color' is what makes Ruby such a special stone. The red color in a ruby is florescent showcasing high intensity of color.
Rubies originated in the mines of north-central Burma, Mogok Stone Tract. The origin of Burma Rubies dates back to 500 years ago and this mining center still remains the largest exporter of the Ruby stone. Ruby, jade other special gems are uniquely found in this area making Burma (Myanmar), the fifth-largest export hub of gemstones. The earliest mining activity in Burma began in 1597 after which it was taken over by the King Of Burma. Rubies have been found since that time.

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