Lot#21 || Manjit Bawa (1941-2008)

Oil on canvas
Signed and dated verso
42.50 x 42.00 in

Estimate   1,50,00,000 - ₹ 2,50,00,000

Property of an esteemed Collector
Artwork was acquired by the consignor from Sakshi Gallery in the year 2000 and has remained with him ever since. Manjit Bawa was the first artist in India to set his canvas ablaze with striking pinks, violets, and greens on large spaces. Having begun his career as a Silkscreen printer, he was not oblivious to the impact of strong and flat colours in the background. He felt constantly inspired to look for fresh colours on his palette, bringing in pastel hues that were not commonly explored by Indian artists. This oil on canvas titled 'Lady with Bird' shows a predilection for bright colours, the play with limbs and space, and an absence of anatomy and muscles - all distinctive features of his iconography.
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