Lot#10 || Shyamal Dutta Ray (1934-2005)
SADHU (Verso figures) (1966)

Signed lower left
21.50 x 28.50 in

Estimate   3,00,000 - ₹ 5,00,000

Originally acquired directly from the artist.
Shyamal Dutta Ray was born in Bihar in 1934 and studied at the Government School of Arts and Crafts in Kolkata. He was one of the founding members of the Society of Contemporary Artists. Ray is famed for instilling in the watercolour medium a certain depth and intensity. He used saturated hues in his works to reveal life in Kolkata. Most of his art stems from observations and experiences of the complex visual world around him. His body of work can be described as melancholic pensive and surreal.
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