Lot#26 || UNTITLED (Family)
Chittaprosad (1915 - 1978)

7.50 x 6.00 in

Estimate   50,000 - ₹ 1,00,000

Born in 1915 in Bengal, Chittaprosad was a self taught artist and illustrator. He was educated in Chittagong, Bengal. Well known for his print works, he preferred to use linocuts and woodcuts. The prints were meant to be easily and cheaply created for the masses so it could widely disseminated amongst the local populace. Peasants, labourers and common folk were recorded to convey the political and social protests in the country. Chittaprosad witnessed the Bengal Famine in 1943 - 1944 and he saw the atrocities of a man made famine first hand. His works are a protest against colonialism, urban poverty and economic exploitation. Another recurring theme was the farmers revolution and the oppression of the masses.
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