Lot#33 || Jyoti Bhatt (1934)
Untitled (Set of 10 Photographs of various artists)

Digital Print
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Estimate   8,00,000 - ₹ 10,00,000

Acquired directly from artist
Jyoti Bhatt was born in 1934 in Bhavnagar, Gujarat and he was trained in painting and printmaking at MSU Baroda. He was one of the founder members of the Center of Photography in Baroda. Before he worked as a photographer, he dabbled in painting for a while. His photographs resonate with his paintings.The canvas was traded with a camera and he started his career in 1967. He travelled to Gujarat where he photographed a wide range of folk art and craft. His documentary photographs are informal, devoid of gimmicks and an art form in itself. He used the frame to capture not only places like Gujarat, Bengal and Rajasthan but has also photographed modern masters from the art fraternity like M.F Husain, Nasreen Mohamedi, Himmat Shah, Krishen Khanna, Somnath Hore, N.S. Bendre amongst many others.
1. 15.5 x 9.5 in.
2. 11 x 15 in.11,
3. 14.5 x 15 in.
4. 14 x 13.5 in.
5. 13.5 x 14 in.
6. 10.5 x 15 in.
7. 10.5 x 15 in.
8. 15.5 x 10 in.
9. 14.5 x 10.5 in.
10. 14 x 14 in.
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