Prices realised include Prinseps' margins

Lot# 1 || Baron Stow

A Brief Narrative of the Danish Mission on the Coast of Coromandel (1839) Read More

Lot# 3 || East India Company

Reports from the Select Committee on the Affairs of The East India Company with Minutes of Evidence in Six Parts (1831-2) Read More

Lot# 4 || House of Commons

The Parliamentary Register; or history of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons (1784) Read More

Lot# 5 || James Prior

The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke (1854) Read More

Lot# 6 || James Grant

Cassell's History of India (1876) Read More

Lot# 7 || John B. Seely

The Wonders of Ellora (1824) Read More

Lot# 8 || Reginald Heber

Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India (1828) Read More

Lot# 9 || Various Authors

Deeds that Thrill the Empire (1920) Read More

Lot# 10 || Odhams Press

The Coronation book of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (1937) Read More

Lot# 12 || Richard Owen Cambridge

Narrative of the War on the Coast of Coromandel (1756) Read More

Lot# 17 || St. James's Palace

Marriage of Her Royal Highness The Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten Royal Navy : List of Wedding Gifts (1947) Read More

Lot# 20 || Lady Anna Marie Shipley Jones

Supplementary Volumes of Sir William Jones (1801) Read More

Lot# 21 || Various Authors

The Scots Magazine - Holwell's account of the sufferings in the Black Hole (1758) Read More

Lot# 22 || C. R. Wilson

Indian Record Series: Old Fort William in Bengal (1906) Read More

Lot# 23 || John Shakespear

A Dictionary English and Hindustani (1834) Read More

Lot# 24 || Luis de Camoens

The Lusiad or The Discovery of India (1809) Read More

Lot# 27 || Chester Macnaghten

Forty Years of the Rajkumar College (1910) Read More

Lot# 28 || Auguste Urbain

L'Inde Pittoresque - Madras and Bombay (1840) Read More

Lot# 30 || Moiner Williams

Sakoontala or the Lost Ring (1855) Read More

Lot# 31 || J.F. & C. Rivington and others

The Instructive and Entertaining Fables of Pilpay (1789) Read More

Lot# 35 || London Chronicle

Newspaper, London Chronicle (1782) Read More

Lot# 36 || David C. Claypoole

Newspaper, The Mail or Claypoole's Daily Advertiser (1792) Read More

Lot# 37 || Captain Colin Mackenzie

Map of the Lands of Tippo Saheb (with watermark) (1792) Read More

Lot# 38 || Capt. Colin Mackenzie

Map of the Lands of Tippo Saheb immediately following the 4th Anglo Mysore War (1799) Read More

Lot# 39 || Dr. David Livingstone

Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa (1858) Read More

Lot# 40 || Alexander Dow

The History of Hindostan (1803) Read More

Lot# 42 || James Rennell

Memoir of a Map of Hindoostan or The Mogul's Empire (1783) Read More

Lot# 43 || Lieutenant Colonel Williams

Life & Times of the Duke of Wellington (Circa 1855) Read More

Lot# 44 || Sir Richard Holmes

Edward VII: His Life and Times (1910) Read More

Lot# 48 || R. H. Poole

The Picture Story of Fifty Years 1900 - 1950 (1950) Read More

Lot# 50 || Alfred Gregory

The Picture of Everest (1954) Read More

Lot# 53 || Capt. Lionel J. Trotter

The Life of John Nicholson (1898) Read More

Lot# 54 || Field - Marshal Earl Roberts

Letters written During the Indian Mutiny (1924) Read More

Lot# 55 || William Forbes Mitchell

Reminiscences of the Great Mutiny 1857 - 1859 (1893) Read More

Lot# 56 || Robert Orme

A History of the Military Transactions of the British Nations in Indostan (1803) Read More

Lot# 57 || John Reynolds

A View of Death or The Soul's Departure from the World (1725) Read More

Lot# 58 || F.W. Bain

The Indian Stories of F.W. Bain (1913/1914) Read More

Lot# 60 || Rev. G.R. Gleig

The Life of Sir Thomas Munro (1831) Read More